Essay: Education Diversification

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Essay: Education Diversification

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In the workplace, there are workers who argue that they have to stick with the counterparts of similar ethnic groups as they argue that, “Some workers say that a shared culture leads to natural friendships and creates a sense of community at work” (Kost & Rochester)). They further argue that, “Support from peers and co-workers who share similar experiences can help an employee cope better with stress and uncertainty at work” (Kost & Rochester).

These moves oppose the idea of making the workplace diverse and render the efforts of making the workplace an inclusive place fruitless. These are the arguments against education diversification since it has been proved that people of the same ethnicity, culture among others relate well and are able to assist each other. This makes the groups formed have more cohesion, understanding and support.

The people who have the notion that by sharing from same races they will do better should be made to understand that there are people who have never related with others from their own races. These people have been helped to understand almost every culture and thus they can fit in nay comfortably. The groupings of people from the same culture make some sort of seclusion making it appear as if they do not belong to the same situation. The relationship and social groupings should be by employees or students who feel that they understand each other better rather than by people just because they belong to the same race.

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