Essay: Education after John Locke

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Essay: Education after John Locke

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John Locke has been a philosopher who is very influential to the education curriculum of date. Once he was enrolled at Christ Church, Oxford, the classical form of curriculum that was applied then irritated him. He rather preferred the modern forms for instance that of René Descartes. John Locke came up with the theories of natural right among other forms of rights. The theory of education by John Locke does not only give an individual the right to education but also the urge to the individual to become a person who is responsible as a citizen.

After the theory of education by John Locke, the views on education changed since everyone understood that with education, he would gain the knowledge and skills such that he is able to be in conformity with the laws of nature. He will be waiting for others to influence his actions since he can influence their too. Reading improves understanding in two ends, “first, for our own increase of knowledge; secondly, to enable us to deliver and make out that knowledge to others” (Locke, et al 323). By getting, the right form of education enables one to pursue the truth owed to both oneself and God. This proves that education has to be viewed not only as a right but also a must do. All have to view education of whichever nature as the prosperity and welfare of the nation since it will ensure social usefulness and personal happiness of all citizens.

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