Essay: Ecosystems and Sustainable Development

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Essay: Ecosystems and Sustainable Development

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Flagship species serve as a sign of stimulating conservation action and awareness. They are important because they are vulnerable and distinctive such that they engender acknowledgment and support from the public. Umbrella species are those, which cover vast areas in their seasonal or even daily movements. They help in seed pollination or dispersal and predation as well as benefiting so many other species, which are within, their range.

6. Mangroves limit growth and success of other crops because they do not rely on the oxygen from the water but rather the atmospheric oxygen thus offering competition to the other plants. Mangroves should be protected because they have unique features which enable them survive in places with little oxygen, limited salt intake and limited water loss among others.

7. Scientists do not serve the interests of the public when they work to favor the interests of the constituency representatives who never manage public resources well.

8. Forests in Asia, Latin America and Africa have been destroyed by agriculture activates since all trees have been cut down to enable farmers practice agriculture.

9. A biosphere reserve is a uniquely protected area differing from a wildlife refuge, national forest, wilderness area or a national park. It has three main but very different aims namely scientific research, conservation of species, resources and ecosystems and encouraging sustainable development. The main difference of a biosphere reserve from a wilderness area or wildlife preserve is that it should be open to the public.

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