Essay: Economic Transformation in Papua New Guinea

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Essay: Economic Transformation in Papua New Guinea

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The economic transformation brought about changes in the lifestyles of these people. Many people were resistant since they did not know about the results of the  new transformations in their society. More so, some had deep rooted attachment to their culture and were resistant to the changes in the society.  Despite the resistance from a portion of the society, there were others who took and adopted the changes p[positively.

Through the economic transformation, the was the development of the social classes among the people of Papua New Guinea. Those who became economically empowered earned a higher social status and others held the lower social status. Those in the higher social status employed those in the lower class.  This means that the economical development resulted to divisions among these people. Those in the higher social class became corporate members of the society who   people that lived as family owning all the society resources collectively. These decisions were catalyzed by people who were bringing civilization to the Papua New Guinea residents with positive intentions, however, the selfishness among these residents caused divisions among the people. Irrespective of the divisions, the introduction of new technology has earned the economic transformation positive results. The new economic transformation has catalyzed importation of the new technology resulting to efficient use of resources.

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