Essay: Eating disorders-dating and marital relationships

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Essay: Eating disorders-dating and marital relationships

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Moreover, dating and marital relationships as well as women‘s assumptions of others’ preferences are some of the risk factor for developing eating disorders (Stanford & McCabe, 2002). Other research found out that women in relationships had more severe symptoms and a greater incidence of binging and purging behaviors (Lask and Bryant, 2000, p. 251). Unfortunately, conflicts in relationships and severe problems such as dating violence and date rape have also been associated with disordered eating. For instance, relational difficulties and attempts of a female e counterparts trying to please their partner in relation to maintaining perfection in the relationship amongst women in relationship, many women sought eating disordered behaviors to achieve this.

While other relationship difficulties, date rape, date violence which is related to the concept of peers opinions and perception as a driving force for the developing disordered eating behaviors, are related to the causes of developing eating disorders. Lask and Bryant, (2000), explain that at adolescent most individuals are at a crucial stage of forming their body image formation. These acts of violence and relationship difficulties make the adolescent females more sensitive, more susceptible; hence lead them to develop a distorted and negative image of themselves. And the only way out is to develop disordered eating attitudes and behaviors to gain control of an ideal body image.

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