Essay: Eaters of the Dead by Michael Crichton

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Essay: Eaters of the Dead by Michael Crichton

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Eaters of the dead is a book by Michael Crichton about the Volga Northmen who are able to beat the Wendol, their foes by use if intellect rather than weapons. The Volga Northmen are always fighting the Wendol in efforts to preserve their culture. The battles with the Mist Monsters in the Kingdom of Rothgar, shows the courage of Buliwif and his men as well as Ibn Fadlan as they fight and are able to kill their leader. The Wendol are a living threat to the life of the Venden Northmen and this forces Bulwilf together with his men to use the knowledge they have gained to fight and defeat the Wendol.

Ibn Fadlan is not born as courageous as he ends up been since he always fears fighting the threatening creatures but as the story progresses, he feels that he, “had been born a Northman” (Crichton 152). Since the Northmen have fewer warriors, there is no way they can beat the Wendol unless they remain courageous and apply the intelligence they have got from their experience.

When the Northmen get into the field to fight with the Wendol, they are not able to beat them because they are physically strong. They later have to engage in a high-level conflict from where they are able to win the battle. They thus use their knowledge and enquire from the dwarves who live close to the Venden curves and help them learn that there is another entrance to the cave that they can use to kill their leader. After courageously and intellectually killing the leader of the Wendol, the Wendol become outraged and this further leads to their downfall.

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