Essay: Early Christianity in Europe

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Essay: Early Christianity in Europe

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Before Christianity was introduced to the westerners, the natives were pagans. A pagan is described, as a person who beliefs in witchcraft. Missionaries started to spread Christianity in the west in the 5th and 6th centuries, where by this caused serious clashes with the pagan beliefs, which were deeply rooted in the people’s culture. For example in ancient Ireland, the pagan belief was so deep rooted such that, the missionaries had a big task to convince the Irish to accept the word of God in the 7th century (O hogain 190).

The people who were the natives of Britain in the early years were known as the Angles, Saxons and the Jutes who worshipped their own gods. They are known for living along rivers and were protected by rivers and forests and they worshipped Earth Mother goddess by the name Nerthus. The introduction of Christianity led to loss of their history, which was normally passed from father to son, but this lineage just vanished. Those who declined to convert to Christianity were branded heathens and even their king, king Penda said no to Christianity.

The Westerners were not ready to forget their cultures so they gave the missionaries lots of resistance. In order for these pagans to give the missionaries a chance to tell them the good news, some of their beliefs had to be assimilated into the Christian beliefs. They had to be allowed to, for example continue holding the belief they had in some monuments, which meant good or evil. Archaeological evidence has shown some of the early pagan rituals were found in places believed to have been churches in some parts of Ireland (Halliday 312).

`           The missionaries stood no chance of succeeding if they could have chosen not to allow the pagans to hold onto some of their beliefs. According to the consolation of philosophy, everything happens for a reason even if it is unknown to the human. Fate controls everything that bound to happen because so many different things can happen just because of only one thing.

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