Essay: Dynamics and Theories of domestic violence

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Essay: Dynamics and Theories of domestic violence

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Scholars have agreed that there a number of appropriate theories that are applicable in explaining domestic violence victimization and perpetration. In this regard, most theories that explain the dynamics and the origin of domestic violence are drawn from traditions, social learning and learning theories, inter-personal theories, socio-structural and feminist theories, developmental theories, and personality. However, in order to give a more compelling and meaningful explanation to the domestic violence incidences, an integrated approach is normally employed that combines ideas and methods derived from accepted models.

At inter-personal level, domestic violence is suggested to begin within the first few years of a relationship (Edwards 2001). In this case of physical abuse, psychological abuse usually precedes before being followed by an assault. Most forms of threats are a typical tactic used to gain control or compliance. While cases of sexual abuse rarely occurs in a relationship that is not physically violent. Research approaches such as live observation, has noted that violent men are distinguished from other men in both harmonious and non-harmonious relationships by their demanding, controlling and critical behaviour in interactions with their partners, to whom they are contemptuous, belligerent, domineering and defensive.

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