Essay: Duties of a true American woman

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Essay: Duties of a true American woman

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Chafe (1992), in his document that explains the duties of the true American woman explains the fact that culture and traditions in various communities has also been another hindering factor that has indeed been a great obstacle in ensuring progress in the levels of leadership in women. According to him, gender bias, lack of financial and moral support from the government and improper investment in a number of women related projects are some of the problems that have hindered women to thrive in their leadership positions (Falk & Kenski, 2003).

In practice, there are a number of problems that either directly or indirectly affect women in their various leadership positions. Practically, intentional refusal to cooperate with the women has been the greatest hindrance to the leadership of women in the society. Theoretically, issues related to women in leadership could be viewed from the community and society in which they belong to. At times women in leadership have to a greater extend been affected by the stereotypes, cultural practices and perceived believes that are always associated to the aspect of women (Vroom & Jago, 1988). In order for the problem of study to be fully addressed, a very broad perception of the problem needs to be viewed.

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