Essay: Drug Rehabilitation

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Essay: Drug Rehabilitation

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Drug rehabilitation, where persons committing crimes as a result of chemical dependency are subjected to rehabilitation programs. This is given as an alternative by attorneys as chemical dependency results in activities like robbery, car theft, petit larceny, or burglary so as to obtain funds to purchase the drugs.

Work crews, involves the maintenance of public utility environments such as parks or contributing to physical landscape projects. Community service obligations are an alternative to offenders to engage in community service, pay fines among other penalties (McKelvey 64).

In addition, according to McKelvey, Electronic Monitoring, another mechanism   requires offenders’ behaviors to be monitored using electronic devices which provide information on their whereabouts (72). The use of Geographic Positioning System trackers for example is incorporated as a mechanism. A certain amount of daily fees is surcharged as an alternative. Cases supervised by this alternative include alcohol related offenses, sexual predators among others.

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