Essay: Driving cultural and political change in Egypt

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Essay: Driving cultural and political change in Egypt

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Under the leadership of Hosni Mubarak, the country embarked on a series of political, social, legal, socio economic and cultural reforms. These changes are aimed at modernizing and secularizing the state, which would put it at par with the modern world. This project started with modernization of the countries constitution that saw a very big change in the way the country was governed[1]. The legal system was overhauled to resemble those of many western states mainly America and Canada, followed by modernization and secularization of other sectors with main attention directed at the education system. Such steps have established a wind for change in democracy in the Middle East. Other countries like turkey have also followed the suit thus formalizing politics in the region.

Egypt continues to shape politics of this region as time goes by. Its political influence was demonstrated by the recent appraisals in other Arab countries days after Mubarak was ousted. Tunisia’s Ben ail was also ousted following the events in Egypt with Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi under siege too at the moment. These events show that Egypt not only influence Middle East politics but also Africa politics especially in the Arab and Muslim states.

[1] Haseeb, Markaz and Muntadá, al-Fikr. The Arabs & Africa; Centre for Arab Unity Studies. Taylor & Francis, 1985.