Essay: Drive for Thinness subscale

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Essay: Drive for Thinness subscale

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This scale is constructed on the premise that, drive for thinness illustrates a key characteristic of the eating disordered patient.  In this regard, items in this subscale measure behaviors and attitudes that demonstrates an extreme focus on fear of gaining weight, dieting and weight (Reiger, 2008, p. 275). Since this features that are geared towards drive for thinness in a patient are used in diagnosis of eating disorders.

Eating disorders inventory-2 (EDI-2)

It is more of clinical based instrumentation. It contains 91-item that measures of evaluation clinical symptoms of eating disorders. However, it is not a diagnostic tool, but rather a device for aiding a typological research, screening and measuring the outcome.

Multi-group ethnic identity measure (MEIM))

The instrument assesses the participant’s ethnic identity through the use of 15 – items self report measure. This is done through focus on three major areas that concerns ethnic identity (Rachel, 2002, p. 243): positive ethnic attitudes and sense of belonging, ethnic behaviors and ethnic identity achievement. In other words, Multi-group ethnic identity measure focuses on ethnic identity search affirmation, belonging, and commitment in relation to development of eating disorders.

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