Essay: Drawbacks of telecommuting to employees

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Essay: Drawbacks of telecommuting to employees

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The criterion that may be used for promoting employees may not be very clear. The performance of the employees cannot be openly justified. This leaves some employees feeling hurt and dejected. According to Landy & Conte (2007), telecommuters will be less likely to be promoted because, since they are ought of sight, they will also be out of mind.

While working from home, there are numerous challenges and interruptions that the individual is subjected to. This interruption makes it difficult for individual to deliver quality work.

Beginners will normally find it very difficult to perform their tasks in such an environment. These challenges would make them hand in their work very late. This may not be good for them.

Setting up a virtual office may be expensive. Some of the costs for setting up an office may be incurred by the employee and hurt him financially, even though the company may come to his aid and lend a hand for this purpose.

Fortunately, most of the disadvantages of telecommuting can be eliminated or considerably reduced by initiating a program that is well and properly planned (Lister, 2009) This therefore means that telecommuting is a good trend that is worth pursuing.

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