Essay: Drawbacks of PRINCE2

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Essay: Drawbacks of PRINCE2

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Despite the advantages of PRINCE2, described above, the methodology does have certain drawbacks.  For instance PRINCE2 has been deemed inappropriate for projects that require greater amounts of administration. Although standardization is generally considered a best practice according to PRINCE2 and some PM method experts, certain projects by nature will require a greater degree of customization and administration. Proponents of PRINCE2 claim that this is incorrect and based on a poor understanding of the methodology. (Kerzner, Harold 2010, pp. 256-260) However even after deploying the tailoring methods described above the risk of uncertainties can have a major impact on the overall project plan, targets and outcome. Dealing with these kind of risks often requires a more careful and personalized approach instead of a conventional or rule based approach.

Another major issue with PRINCE2 is that it is usually adopted as a “one size fits all” sort of solution. It should be remembered here that PRINCE2 is not the solution itself but simply a means to the solution. For example almost every project will have resource management issues in terms of time, human resources and financials.(Kerzner, Harold 2010, pp. 271-278) PRINCE2 can only provide the template and at most best practices from previous projects; human intervention however will be required to deal with a resource issue most of the time.

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