Essay: Drama therapy technique

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Essay: Drama therapy technique

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In the individual therapy of Mercy, drama therapy technique can be applied through role play. With ample time Mercy can be encouraged to play the roles of the people in her life. The therapist takes on the role of Mercy and engages with Mercy who eventually plays the roles of both her mother and father. While confronting the father, Mercy is bound to talk about her pain and anger over his leaving.

With the use of enhanced costumes and props, Mercy settles into her role as a therapist and gradually, her anger can be observed to decline. At the end of the sessions as Gallo-Lopez and Schaefer (2006, p. 88) de-roling is performed as Mercy is resettled back to her real self. This is effective when done in a clam and reflective manner and the therapist provides feedback. Family therapy can also be incorporated in Mercy’s therapy especially by having her mother attend therapy sessions. This can allow Mercy to confront her mother and seek her mother’s reassurance which will help her to stop blaming herself.

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