Essay: Dorothea Orem’s Self Care Theory

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Essay: Dorothea Orem’s Self Care Theory

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Dorothea Orem’s Self Care theory is a theory that encourages patients to take good care of them as opposed to relying entirely on the nurses for their care. If patients take good care of themselves while receiving Hemodialysis then they reduce the chances of complications. According to Orem, “people have a natural ability for self care and that nursing should focus on affecting that ability “(Orem et al 2003). If patients are encouraged by the nurses to take good care of their bodies then this will go a long way in making their treatment easier. Patients should be given an opportunity of voicing their opinions in decision-making since this will create a trusting relationship between the patients and nurses. Patients ought to be educated about the best practices when they are undergoing Hemodialysis in order to make them actively involved in the treatment. Hemodialysis is a time consuming exercise so patients ought to be made accept their situations in order to take the treatment positively

Conducting a research without involving theoretical frameworks is important since it may lead one to identifying isolated cases. This is because the researcher will be undertaking what he is researching on, as a new concept and he will not be basing his findings on any previous results.  When one decides to conduct a research and he ignores any past studies, then chances are high that he will come up with a finding that may have never been known before.

Overreliance of nursing theory adversely affects nursing research since the researchers have hypotheses, which they try to prove as they start their studies. It is not good to rely entirely on these theories, since there might be different situations, which might never have been researched before. Though it is of importance to rely on theories researchers should always be open-minded to cases, which do not tally with the past theories. Through this, a researcher will be in a better position to identify isolated cases. There should be theoretical frameworks because they help in the organization of the working process as well as empirical investigations should be aided by sophisticated methodologies. (Mick & Mark 2005).

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