Essay: Donato pizza strategic marketing plan

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Essay: Donato pizza strategic marketing plan

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Target market

According to Ward, “Target Marketing involves breaking a market into segments and then concentrating your marketing efforts on one or a few key segments. Target marketing can be the key to a small business’s success.” (Ward, online). Targeting marketing is a paramount tool of marketing mix since it makes the marketing mix strategy to be effective and efficient. This is because it directs the marketing mix strategy on the areas to focus on.

Donato Pizza is one of the many competitors for a market niche in the saturated fast food industry in the US. The firm offers differentiated products in order to be at a competitive advantage. Among its products includes pizza, wings, subs and salads. It’s marketing strategies enables the firm to be among the most successful food chains in the US.

Donato Pizza target includes all the segments of the population. It targets all the members of society irrespective of the age, sex, race, income, generation or nationality. The fierce competition existing in the market forces the firm to target all the segments of population in order to win a substantial market share.

For the teenagers, Donato offers a spacious place with access to internet where they can enjoy their pizza as they access the internet in the restaurants, for parents, it is a place where they take their children out for a treat. For children, they enjoy the fun at Donato hence preferring the Donato, which is mostly not overcrowded. For the busy businessman or worker, Donato pizza is specially packed and can be eaten as one drives to work. These factors made the Donato pizza a preference for a big client base. The prices for the pizza are also moderate compared to the prices of other competitors. Based on the fierce competition, the firm is a price taker since the market has a very high number of suppliers hence if one firm sells its product at a higher price, then the willing customers will buy the product form the next door competitor.

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