Essay: Changes made by Domino’s Inc

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Essay: Changes made by Domino’s Inc

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In addition, the company made tremendous changes to its pizza recipe: “from the crust up” this year, 2010, which ushered in new changes in the cheese, sauce, and dough that are used in preparing their pizza (Young 126). The launch of this new recipe was viewed by many consumers as a correction to their earlier mistake in which the company’s product had been criticized in terms of taste by many individuals. This had affected the perception of the product of the company and indeed the company confirmed this view in one of its advertising campaigns, which promoted the new recipe as being more nutritious and health conscious. (Daszkowskii 152).

Another of the most important Strategies is the efficient use of the available raw materials. This will in turn ensure that the average cost of goods sold goes down. In doing this, it will be possible to increase the company’s revenues and at the same time be able to expand to the planned areas (Associated Press 13).

Generally, the company’s strategy are geared towards expansion and gaining a competitive advantage in the fast food industry (Young 261). Domino’s is also camping on the pricing strategy that it introduced back in 2009 which was aimed to bring back some price-sensitive customers under their “barbell” technique. In addition, Domino’s is planning to continue the advertising wars, which are aimed at targeting major competitors like Subways and Pizza Hut.

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