Essay: Domino’s Pizza Incorporation

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Essay: Domino’s Pizza Incorporation

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Domino’s Pizza Incorporation went international in 1983 when it opened its first international store on May 12, 1983 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. During the same year, the Domino’s had managed to open its 1,000th store in general. The company also managed to reach a whooping 1,000 international stores by the year 1995 and further stretched this number to 1,500 stores in the next two years. One of the greatest achievements of the company in terms of expansion was the opening of seven stores across five continents in just one day (Datamonitor).

Domino’s Pizza Company rolled out its mobile and online ordering services in the year 2007 while at the same time delivering and introducing their Dream franchising programs and at tits Veterans respectively. These events made a significant impact in the company pushing company operations a notch higher. One another significant event in 206 was the performance of Domino’s store in Tallaght, Dublin in Ireland: the store made a turnover of $3 million and become the first store ever in the history of the company to hit the mark (Daszkowskii 132).

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