Essay: Domestic violence-a thorny issue

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Essay: Domestic violence-a thorny issue

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Domestic violence continues to be a thorny issue in our society today as revealed by skyrocketing cases daily. British Crime Survey (BCS) statistics indicate that domestic violence accounts for 1/4-1/5 of all violent crime excluding sexual assaults. In regard to domestic violence, various scholars agree that any form of sexual, financial, physical, and psychological violence that takes place in the context of family type or intimate relationship in form of controlling and coercive behavior. Moreover, domestic violence may include forced marriage and a range of abusive behaviours.

More pronounced cases of domestic violence have been reported by women victims. To assert that women experience domestic violence than men, research indicates that women commonly experience domestic violence and perpetrated by men. According to BCS report 2009, any woman regardless of disability, race, ethnic, class or lifestyle can experience domestic violence. It is revealed also that incidences of domestic violence do take place in transgender, lesbian, bi-sexual and gay relationships, and can also other family members may be involved like children.

The quest to find out whether or not there is increase in domestic violence in UK is a significant topic worth of research in the sense that BCS estimates 12.9 million incidents of domestic violence acts that comprises of force or non-sexual threats against women. While 2.5 million cases of domestic violence involved men in Wales and England. This is a number that can not be neglected, rather ignited motive for research on various mechanisms that constructs the causal for the occurrence of the crime and ways of preventing excessive damage to our society.

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