Essay: What is Domestic Violence

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Essay: What is Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence refers to any form of sexual, financial, physical, and psychological violence that takes place in the context of family type or intimate relationship in form of controlling and coercive behavior. In fact, domestic violence poses a daunting challenge to our society social work arena with respect to its magnitude and frequency. With respect to prevalent frequency, BCS estimates that 12.9 million incidents of domestic violence acts comprises of force or non-sexual threats against women and 2.5 million cases of domestic violence involved men in Wales and England.

The study to find out whether there is increase in domestic violence in UK is a timely and appropriate study justifiable by the following reasons. There is high rate of reported incidences of domestic violence against women. High rate of domestic violence incidences can be seen in analysis of 10 separate domestic violence prevalence studies that found out that between 6-10 percent of women suffer domestic violence in a given year and 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence over their lifetimes (Council of Europe, 2002). Moreover, statistics collected in counseling issues strongly indicated that domestic violence was leading issue in marriage that clients sought counseling on. For instance, 1 in 5 counseling sessions in England Relate centres in 2008, 2000 clients mentioned domestic violence as an issue in their marriages.  Walby and Allen (2004) in their study reported that 45 percent and 26 percent of women and men had experienced at least one incident domestic violence in context of interpersonal relationship in their lifetimes respectively.

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