Essay: Domestic and industrial waste in California Sierra Region

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Essay: Domestic and industrial waste in California Sierra Region

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Land pollution from both the domestic and industrial wastes has really affected land is used in the California’s Sierra region. For instance, a regional authority was established in Tahoe region to deal with the effects of pollution that spilled over from the growing population (Pincetl, 2003, p. 116). This move by the government in recent years was directed at controlling the manner in which human activities, in this case dumping should be regulated for better land use.

Improper disposal in the area is not only going to affect the health of the population, but also biodiversity within that region. Prevention of pollution is not an option for any community. Stringent laws should be introduced to abate this problem. This issue remains controversial especially with large agricultural farms and industries that are major pollutants of both soil and water. Another debate on whether to regulate land use by checking grazing habits with animal farms have proposed limitation to the heights above which grazing should not be allowed.

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