Essay: Does Psychological Control Yield Positive Results

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Essay: Does Psychological Control Yield Positive Results

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Psychological control does not yield positive results always. It can depress children social acceptance, creativity and achievement. There is example of Angela at play who hits her doll simply because she is used to angry people hitting others.

After children are physically beaten because they have made mistakes, they always remember the emotions but not what caused the physical beating. Psychological punishment can go further to the time-out method used in which the child is separated from her playmates and dolls for sometime to rethink about what he has done (Berkin, et al, 2007). Time out works only when it will be a mode of punishment to both the teacher or parent and the child rather than when it is reinforcement. Induction is also useful in making the child understand why what he did is wrong but this requires patience and takes time.

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