Essay: Do Good Grades determine the Intelligence

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Essay: Do Good Grades determine the Intelligence

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The marks that a student gets in the examinations he or she is doing, does not necessarily determine the level of the said student intelligence. Different students will get different marks in different subjects. Intelligence is the ability to interpret the things that one has been subjected to. This is the reason behind finding a student who is very good in mathematics but very poor in arts.

If a student has set his or her mind to accept that a certain subject is hard, then most likely he or she will always be performing poorly. Measuring the intelligence of learners through examinations, is a bad idea since every person has his or her own best field. This means that different people will perform differently when they are given a variety of fields to choose from. Intelligence is about analyzing the strengths that one possesses and thus utilizing them to solve the problems that we encounter in our everyday lives.  The best students are not always the best teachers since everyone has his or her own strengths. (Smith 2002)

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