Essay: Dividends of Sysco Corporation

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Essay: Dividends of Sysco Corporation

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Ladies and gentlemen, so far we can analyze the trends in profits and loses. In these criteria, we assess the growth of the company by looking at the dividends. Indeed, dividends are reliable depending on the growth rate, their regularity and the length of time that they take to be measured. For example the dividends in this year were 17.9% compared with 13.2% of the previous financial year. From my point of view, dividends have increased and grown to a higher level.  Therefore the growth has been proportional specifically in the last few years.

The magnitude of sales decreased steadily in year 2009. For example the sales in March 27, 2010 is $ 26,895018 and in march 28 2009, it was $ 8, 739,350. Therefore the ration of the cost of sales also reduced form $21,769 400 to $4 7,102,274. Liabilities of the company also took the same trend of decreasing. This included the current liabilities which decreased from $ 2,038 922 to $ 1,830 432. in close comparison of the year march 27, 2010 and  march28,2009 , there have been significant change in  capital flow into the company, expenses and other forms of investment such long term and short term.

As i conclude on my report, it is important for all of us to acknowledge the good work done by the entire stakeholder despite the fact that there have been cases of pitfalls. The future of this highly reputed corporation lies in the hand of all of us. The reputation of this company must be maintained to create a good image to the international market and hence increase the chances of sale of the products.

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