Essay: Disturbances in Eating Behavior

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Essay: Disturbances in Eating Behavior

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Eating disorders:

These are disorders characterized by disturbances in eating behavior such as bingeing and purging, starvation and excessive exercise (Foulks, 1998, p. 78).


This is described as construction of role and identity socially rather than sexually; the conviction of maleness and femaleness; and cultural construction of masculine and feminine.


Purging refers to the use of vomiting or other techniques to empty the stomach off food.

Research Questions

The research shall be guided by the following study questions which are as follows;

1. is there relationship between ethnic identity, attitudes and behaviors to development of eating disorders?

2. Does eating disorder behavior and attitudes vary according to social-economic status?

3. Is there relationship between perception of ideal body size and shape with eating disorder   attitudes and behaviors?

4. Does age factor cause difference in developing and prevalence of eating disorders behaviors?

5. Are there any differences in eating disorders behavior and attitudes on racial basis?

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