Essay: Dispute between the Spanish and the Portuguese

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Essay: Dispute between the Spanish and the Portuguese

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It might be taken as though the two empires were doing just exploratory voyages but they had their own missions. The Spanish as well as the Portuguese were looking for ways, which could lead to domination of trade in their areas. Christopher Columbus voyage was supposed to lead them to India but a change in the monsoon winds led them to America.

This brought up a dispute between the Spanish and the Portuguese. The main point for these voyages was to look for business avenues that were to bring money to those empires. It is true that the two empires may be thought to have achieved their missions since the Spanish controlled all the trade that was coming from American continent. They went ahead and brought in slaves that were used to farm in the America firms and this brought lots of money to their empire. The Portuguese had access to Africa and Asia, which was the main source of slaves. The fact that the Portuguese knew were to get slaves to sell to the Spaniards proved to be a lucrative business for them for there was a ready market for the said slaves.

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