Essay: Discussion on Differences among two Parties

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Essay: Discussion on Differences among two Parties

IF she wanted to ensure her ability to continue being a part of the drug lord’s group, she had to ensure that this argument ended on her terms and stance. Thus, arose the whole point of contention between these-embroiled in circumstances with no possibility out.  The desperation which was apparent in this situation became the focal point for instilling further determination amongst these two key players.

The interests were clearly varied and the sort of strategies employed by them to ensure that success was met was also a point of contention.

In an argument or conflict what comes across is whether there is a possibility for a negotiation or at least attempt to settle down the issues which seem to be not getting resolved in this particular case. Issues can arise for a number of reasons ranging from the use more than one frame as the differences in the matching of frames and hence, the conflict scenario. Different frames may result in different types of agreements and the specific frames can be used to solve certain types of issues.

When there are valid differences between the parties, those results in the different frames being constructed. In this particular case, the issue is such that both the parties have different frames and are unable to form nay common ground or find any common source which can be used to resolve the differences. (Coleman,& Deutsch,2001).

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