Essay: Digital Networks

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Essay: Digital Networks

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The surfacing of international digital networks permits the quick, universal distribution of works in a digital format. Digital networks permit distribution to many people from a single point (even though, unlike broadcasting, all digital resources do not require to reach each and every single individual at the same time). On the other hand, digital networks permit every single receiver on the network to be a part of, further distribution of the digital material, which can cause the work to multiply at a numerical (occasionally known as viral) speed. The easy of replicating work has allowed people to replicate a piece of work multiple times and distribute it around the work within a few hours. This distribution of work when transmitted through coaxial cable or fiber optic lines becomes much faster and increases the capacity at which this work can be transmitted.

Ease of Storage: The digital storage space keeps getting dense with every single year. More and more digital data can be stored in smaller spaced.  During the 1990’s CDs were the main source of storage where over 700 megabytes of data could be stored by commercial pirates for storing huge amounts of computer programs, music recordings with collective retail value amounting to millions of dollars. However, these days the popular iTunes music library can store up to 80 times the amount of data in a device small the size of a match box. (Hassel, David E. 2009, pp. 23-28)

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