Essay: Difficulty in Intelligence Gathering

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Essay: Difficulty in Intelligence Gathering

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When an interrogation officer seeks to go outside the Miranda rights while interrogating domestic terrorists their aim is to convince them that these rights are insignificant. They offer the comforting notion to criminals that their information would not be used against them. This strategy although deemed to produce results often create vast hindrances to the gathering of intelligence. Considering that law enforcement officers are aware of the possibility of domestic terrorists invoking their Miranda rights it is pointless to administer the same to them. Instead of choosing to go outside Miranda rights, it is only logical to deny them these rights from the very beginning. Apart from using this tactic, other forms of intelligence gathering are doomed to fail in capturing the full extent of the domestic terrorists’ information.

Torture is an extreme form of interrogations used in extracting intelligence from criminals. Despite the moral standpoint which does not favor torture and considers it an act against human rights, there are considerations for this act. The necessity for intelligence in times of security threats cannot be overemphasized and at times when there are possibilities for more attacks torture has been used to derive information from terrorists.

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