Essay: Difficulties faced by America in the war of 1812

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Essay: Difficulties faced by America in the war of 1812

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In sum total, the Americans inadequate preparation in naval, military and financial domains generated incompetent troops without proper financial for the war. The United States of America experienced difficulties in financing its war; since New England withdrew its support for funds and military units, worse of that was the fact America had disbanded its national bank. The only help for funds could have been from private bankers from the Northeast, but northeast private bankers were greatly opposed to the war and could not offer a helping hand for the war[1]. The organization of the military base received a blow due to uncooperative and quarrelsome commanders who were struggling for power and control over military forces. While militia called to reinforce the army it defined itself as a defensive force for war of obstruction rather than conquest.

Evidently, all early attempts to invade Canada did not bore any fruits due to those shortcomings on US military and state failure. For instance, General Hull’s attempted attack geared to conquer Canada from Detroit four days after war declaration, backed off due to fear of the native militias. As a result, the Canadian commanding officer Gen. Brock capitalized on this fear to fully advantage. And lead to significant losses in the military battles.

By April 1814 after napoleon surrender, Britain transferred its military mighty to reinforce Canada in a major landing operation. The initial operations were made in Chesapeake Bay and Maine which were a success. This totally paralyzed American efforts to conquer Canada. This ignited further military actions for against America in Maryland, Washington, D.C., Bladensburg and the burning of white house in the year 25th of august in 1814. But, British move to attack and capture Baltimore was put off by now better shaped American armies.

[1] Stuart, Reginald. United States Expansionism and British North America 1775-1871. (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1998), 270

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