Essay: Difficulties to copy digital and ordinary photo

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Essay: Difficulties to copy digital and ordinary photo

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If you are to compare what is more difficult to copy a digital photo or an ordinary one? In order to steal or copy a digital photo, some level of work or effort is required, the photo will have to be taken or an ordinary photo will have to be scanned, which makes coping of a digital photo extremely easy. (Jessica Litman 2009, pp. 120-125) However, copying or replicating an ordinary photograph will be a little difficult. In most cases even the experts cannot identify a digital photo from an ordinary one in the digital world when copied.

Copyright on the photo, copied in a standard way, cannot be removed. On the other hand copyrights for a digital photo once it’s published can be removed or exchanged with just a few mouse clicks. This problem is just tip of the iceberg; however this gives way to an enormous layer of problems, revealing new digital objectives of copyright. The digital author has at his discretion a fraction of additional technological and organizational ways, permitting to shield his copyright on digital works.

These somewhat arduous ways are directed at shifting the digital works to the usual legal field and at making it possible to use them in the juridical practice as usual not digital works.( Renee Hobbs 2010, pp. 55-68) The other way is an adjustment of on hand legal base, alternation of laws so that digital works could get with ease in the area of their action. Alternatively, here the lawmakers get on alleged dicey ground. The lenience of copying, replicating, forging is primordially quality of digital works, owing to their character, and no human laws are capable of changing their nature. Anything, that is possible to copy, will be copied and no one will be able to do anything about it.

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