Essay: Differences between Islamic and Christian Faith

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Essay: Differences between Islamic and Christian Faith

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Thrower (30-58) argues that Islam disagrees with some of the Christian beliefs about Jesus Christ like him being the son of God and savior of mankind, also the holy trinity of there being God the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Christians reject Islam’s prophet and Koran while the Muslims support that God guides Christians but they perceive scriptures in their own interest. It is also different the way Muslims perceive the birth of Jesus compared to Christians. They believe that Jesus was created like Abraham while Christians believe that he was conceived by Virgin Mary through the Holy Spirit.

They also believe that Jesus was to be crucified but was miraculously saved while Christians believe he was crucified but resurrected. Christians believe that the bible is Gods holy book, which was written by people inspired by God, and it teaches the will of God on mankind while the Muslims accept but believe that it has been corrupted to fit people’s interests over the years. Although Christians teach their followers to be embrace the mood forgiveness no matter the differences that might be there in Islam some problems may call for Jihad. Jihad is a war that is fought by Muslims and is considered to have Allah’s blessings. Since that according to the Christians are born while still sinners each and every one of them has to be baptized so that, that first sin can be forgiven and thus have a chance of going to heaven. In the case of the Muslims an individual is only answerable to the misdeeds he does after he is born.

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