Essay: Difference between Natural and Human Rights

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Essay: Difference between Natural and Human Rights

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Both natural and human rights are entitled to protect human beings by offering security and happiness. This does not mean that the two different types of rights are the same. The main difference between these two types of interest is that while natural rights come naturally, human beings form human rights. It should be expected that natural rights are the same in all countries all over the world while human rights differ from one country to another. Natural rights are formed by nature and thus are fixed but for human rights, they are formed according to circumstances. For instance, after wars, countries form some laws that are meant to apply to human beings as human rights to protect people from further sufferings.

While natural rights are not formed through any laws but laws are there to protect them from violation, human rights are formed through laws mostly referred to as human rights treaties (Mikaelsen, 1980). Human rights are interdependent, indivisible and interrelated in that violation of any of them affects the others while improvement in one of them leads to advancement in the others. The main human rights include equality even before the laws, right to life and freedom to express oneself. Other rights include the cultural, social and economic rights including rights to self-determination and development, rights to education, social security and work. Human beings who are in the legal authorities determine all these rights and put them in writing in form of laws.

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