Essay: Difference between HRM and international HRM

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Essay: Difference between HRM and international HRM

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The concept of international Human Resources Management is in its infancy phase, therefore faced with various challenges both in learning and practice. Specifically, the major challenge the international Human Resources Management face is to solve a multidimensional puzzle located at the crossroad of organizational and national cultures (Sparrow and Harris 2003; Stroh 2005). As a result, the approaches, strategies and models applied in dealing with these challenges for HRM persons in a global arena differentiates between domestic and international Human Resources Management (Dowling 1990). Holding to this views, this paper seek to examine the differences between domestic and international Human Resources Management, while at the time assessing the developments in the field of international Human Resources Management.

According to Wilkinson and Redman (2006) states that international HRM is characterized by three main approaches: cross-cultural management approach that deals with human behavior within organizations from an international perspective. Second approach involves the comparative industrial relations which analyses HRM systems in various countries. And the thirdly approach focus on aspects of HRM in multinational firms practices. It is through these three approaches that international HRM can be understood and differentiated from domestic HRM practices and theories (Kamoche 2007). However, it is a point of worth to mention that the third approach shall be greatly used in examining international HRM process, activities and policies in the perspective of how international firms are managed as opposed to domestic HRM.

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