Essay: How can we make a difference in Cyberbullying

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Essay: How can we make a difference in Cyberbullying

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Since the problem is escalating, a number of organizations and individuals are taking the initiative to address this problem. In efforts to solve this technological problem, they are creating awareness campaigns and informing the vulnerable individuals how this vice can be avoided. There are even measures that are being planned and implemented to end the cyberbullying. Among the latest initiatives, include the Act Against Bullying, a charity aimed at guarantying genuine use of the internet. This initiative began its operations in 2009. Several firms and individuals are developing methods to implement to avoid children falling victims of this vice and are informing parents too.

A firm referred to as Vanden came up with a protocol that the children can use to report any case of cyberbullying to specific individuals. To enhance this tool, the Cyber Bully Alert is used so that children and the internet users can take a screen shot whenever an internet user triggers alert. In UK, at Manchester, Mossley Hollins High School is developing is taking the leading initiative to enlighten the children and parents on methods to curb cyberbullying.

For the parent, they need to inform their children on method to avoid this embarrassment. The parents need to continuously talk to their children so that they can note any behavioural changes in case they fall victims of cyberbullying. The parents should also inform their children about cyberbullying. The children or any victim need to keep any threatening message for future reference, this is because the IM or ISP provider can track the send or the origin of the threatening or bullying messages. The parent should also inform the victim on how to deal with the situation. They need to refer to child to a counsellor and not to act vast since this can provoke the victim. The parent needs to provide security and support for the victimized teenager/ child; therefore, they need to be there for during this traumatizing experience. The parents need to inform the children about the evils of cyberbullying and continuously counsel their children to deter from this vice. The need to endlessly remind their kids not to disclose any confidential information like password to strangers. They need to inform the police in case they know or do not know the perpetrators of this vice.

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