Essay: Diagnostic Tests of down syndrome

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Essay: Diagnostic Tests of down syndrome

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Diagnostic tests are widely used in the test of the Down syndrome. The results are estimated at 99 percent accurate, but dark side of this higher efficiency is risk of miscarriage to a mother diagnosed. Many scholars attribute diagnostic tests due to their capability to really tell whether or not the fetus has Down syndrome. Some of the major types of the diagnostic category are: Amniocentesis that test for the presence of chromosomal abnormalities in the amniotic fluid removed by needle through abdomen.

Secondly, Chorionic Villus sampling that uses a small sample of the placenta taken by use of a needle in the abdomen. And thirdly, is the use of the Percutaneous Umbilical Blood Sample that utilizes relatively small sample of the blood in the umbilical chord to test chromosomal abnormalities. (Diagnostic test; table 2)


Sufficient evidences indicate that fetus and children diagnosed with Down syndrome usually experiences complications like heart defects and are at risk for high blood pressure. The out come of the diagnosis is poor or there is very poor prognosis of fetuses, since 30 percent dying by 1 month of age, 50 percent dying by 2 months of age and 90 percent dying by 12 months of age after birth.

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