Essay: Diagnosis of Down syndrome

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Essay: Diagnosis of Down syndrome

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In area of diagnosis two kinds of test are used in checking the syndrome presence in the fetus. Thus, these two categories of tests are diagnostic and screening tests.

Screening Tests

Through employing screening, the risk that a fetus has Down syndrome Screening is estimated. The advantage of screening is that it’s less painful and non-invasive. Moreover, screening is used to decide if more tests are necessary to the fetus.  Some of the major screening tests that are available are: Nuchal Translucancy Test which uses ultrasound to measure the space behind the folds of a baby’s neck. In case Down syndrome is present in the embryo it usually causes an abnormally large space.

Secondly, there is use of the Triple Screen that measure the quantities of different substances in the mother’s blood and use, together with the mother’s age to estimate the chance of an embryo having down syndrome. Thirdly, there is the use of detailed Ultrasound to check the physical traits of fetus for Down syndrome (Greenstein RM et al, 2005).

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