Essay: Diagnosis of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

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Essay: Diagnosis of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

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There has been controversy in the definition and diagnostic criteria to be used from the past history of GAD. However, as a result of the DSM-IV definition of GAD, it has offered great help and reduced barricading blocks for definition and diagnosis criteria to be used.  The importance that lies in the uniformity for the similar parameters in defining and diagnosing, manual is the research results uniformity, credibility and validity regardless where, when and who is researching on the same issues.  The DSM-IV criterion lists excessive worrying most of the day persisting for 6 months. Psychological explanation for continued worrying for six months is because in most cases, the patients usually comes to realization that he or she is worrying and wish could stop, but the patient is not able to stop worrying which is exhibi9ted for a period of six (6) months.

In addition to excessive worrying DSM-IV criterion (APA, 1994), the patients usually have free floating anxiety. By free, it means that the anxiety is not being the product of an obsession, not confined to having a panic attack and being embarrassed in public. Adding to the list of diagnostic criteria list, insomnia or restlessness, fatigue, tension and irritability should be available too. Other cases can be examined basing on the following problems sleeping, head- aches, tension, fatigue and muscular. Lastly, diagnosis can be met by patients, who complain of general uncontrollable worrying and difficulty in dealing with uncertainty

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