Essay: Diagnosing Anorexia Nervosa

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Essay: Diagnosing Anorexia Nervosa

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Diagnosing Anorexia Nervosa remains a daunting challenge, since those who have developed the disorder deny it. However, medical history, blood tests, urinalysis combined with symptoms eliminates other possibilities. In addition to that doctors uses eating attitude test and eating disorder test to verify the disorder from psychiatric conditions.

Treatment Options

Treatment options are difficult and quite complicated. However there are two kinds that deal with immediate problems as well as long-range ones. It can be treated with psychiatrists or psychologists or dietitians. Serious cases need hospital treatment that may require patient to be force-fed or given the opportunity to eat on a more normal schedule (Rachel, 2002, pp. 412). Secondly, there is exposure to counseling aimed at making the patient to understand the reasons for his or her disorder.

For less serious cases there is an out patient treatment.  This involves counseling on an individual basis or in groups and some cases family therapy.  Drugs are only used to treat the psychological aspect of Anorexia Nervosa like depression and anxiety. So that the patient can less depressed, less anxious, and better able to think clearly about his or her problems.

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