Essay: Development of Eating Disorders

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Essay: Development of Eating Disorders

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Today in our fast moving global world many as one in one hundred women have anorexia, and four in one hundred women have bulimia. This is especially to the young adult women who are at a greater risk because they face the additional pressures to perform both academically and socially. Therefore as a result they develop eating disorders oriented towards attaining body image perfection. While striving to attain perfection, they places strong values on the on physical appearance based on the self reports of various eating disorder symptoms.

Therefore in this respect of development of eating disorders, there has been the various research and studies conducted amongst young adult women in our society. Since 1980 classification of eating disorder as a psychiatric (mental) disorder, it has become an interesting area of study for psychologists. Sadly, the number of eating disorder skyrockets each day with 90% being women from the age of fourteen to eighteen years. Thus it is a growing problem in the US today as more millions are under the siege. Thus in this respect, this research paper shall seek to examine the eating disorders in our society today.

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