Essay: Development of the CCTV Cameras Using Appropriate Models

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Essay: Development of the CCTV Cameras Using Appropriate Models

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Like many available technologies the world over, the usage of closed circuit television cameras could be associated to the early nineteen nineties (1900s) when the need to supplement the human eye as the only witness emerged. Initially, the usage of the closed circuit television cameras in business organization emerged due to the fact that business operations continue to be more complex (Greene 1997). Security related issues can also no longer be entrusted into the hands of a few individuals within an organization.

There is need to carry out constant surveillance within an organization. This is very important in safeguarding the vital resources and property of an organization. The need for more efficient and effective security mechanisms within business operations cannot be overemphasized. It is always critical for most organizations, such as banks, hotel industries that host vital dignitaries, air companies that are most commonly threatened with terrorists, production companies, and medical industries (Geringer and Hebert 1991, pp. 63-249). The usage of the IP (internet protocol cameras) in the closed circuit television enables drastic reduction in the cost incurred in enhancing security.  Internet protocol also ensure that communication between individuals in places that are very far apart is enable with incurring a lot of cash or spending a lot of time and energy for travelling costs.

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