Essay: Development Broadcasting in India and Beyond

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Essay: Development Broadcasting in India and Beyond

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A criticism on Fursich’s article: Development Broadcasting in India and Beyond: Redefining an Old Mandate in an Age of Media Globalization.

In this journal, Fursich sets out by decrying the effect of commercial satellite television in many Asian countries whose media was state run. This, he says, leaves the old-hand broadcasters with only one way of survival: reassess their role in the newly competitive market. Fursich has a valid point here; the old broadcasters have to re-invent themselves in the ever dynamic market landscape lest they remain irrelevant (Johnson, 54).

As we are left to think of the reassessment of the new market’s needs, the issue of globalization of commercial media should be centermost. The Indian context used by Fursich to advance his argument does not out rightly discredit his point because of  the premise that many a researcher have researched on Indian media  with reference to the topic. However there are disparities in the measure of response to media commercialization in different third world countries (Eko, 67). To use the Indian broadcaster Doordarshan (DD) as a microcosm of all the third world media is to overlook some vital components of a totalitarian research. In fact, it makes his expose’ much of India and less of   “and Beyond”, an aspect which could have been avoided if Fursich could quote the media situation in some other third world nations.

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