Essay: Developing stages of women’s shelter

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Essay: Developing stages of women’s shelter

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The developing stages of the women’s shelter were dominated by erratic emotions which resulted in “irrational” processes of chaotic decision making and contrasting interrelationships between the administrators and/or policy makers. The combative and counterproductive interrelationships and decision making processes demolished the ideal concept of the women’s shelter and ensued battles and misuse of “control” and power.  (252) The initial purpose of the initiative was compromised by the active participants’ destructive attitudes and conduct that lacked an acknowledgement and adherence to the initiative’s idealistic and defining values and “moral principles.” (253)

The initiative’s participant’s behaviors and attitudes of the initiative’s followed the theory of the “sociology of emotions.”  (253-254) As understood by the “sociology of emotions” the initiative’s active participants were influence by “cultural ideals, social structures and feelings” which influenced their social interactions with one another, with outside participants and/or other viewers of the developing process.  (253-254) The disturbingly sporadic and chaotic interrelationships between the initiative’s participants entirely ignored the defining premise of the initiative.  These interrelationships were tainted by negative and visible egos, claims to acquire personal and selfish needs based on the concept of “status,” and a determined  need to validate personal views and identities. (253-254)

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