Essay: Developing Emotional Intelligence

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Essay: Developing Emotional Intelligence

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One need to develop emotional intelligence since it is not in born, but the more one develops the concept the more is able to deal with stress. Emotional intelligence requires one to understand and come up with the inner self-emotions and nonverbal strategies of communication. One needs develop methods of responding the stress and ides of positive ways to counter the stress. Clear understanding and connection of emotions through emotional intelligence can e\enable one to develop methods of curbing the adverse effects of the stress. Self-control is a crucial result of emotional intelligence since the employee does not need to consult with any external environment but keeps in constant contact with the inner self as reflected by the emotions. Through the self-control, one relates with other employees positively since they also understand the stressed employee and hence being able to control stress with time.   A stressed employee needs to learn to communicate through the nonverbal signals effectively. It is imperative to note that an employee mostly communicates using non-verbal signal such as the gestures, facial expression, tone, eye contact, touch, posture among others. It is therefore significant for an employee to learn how to use the non-verbal means of communication in order manage the stress effectively without sending the negative signs to other employees.

Other methods of developing the positive emotional intelligence tactics sorting the stress related challenges with a sense of humor. An employee who creates humor and laughs with the whole heart is likely to reduce stress a big time than one who gets sad and depressed. The sense of humor should not be meant to harm another employee since this can cause more harm than good within an organization. One needs to become a good listener while solving any dispute or conflict, reason, communicate efficiently and solve the dispute amicably and eventually strengthen the employee relationship. The ability to listen and respond effectively reduces any chances of further conflict or physical violence that can increase stress.

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