Essay: Developing the Alternative Solutions to Handle Stress

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Essay: Developing the Alternative Solutions to Handle Stress

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Since it is clear that stress at the place of work is a major hindrance to the performance of individuals and that of the organization at large, it is imperative to consider the available options that can be employed to curb this trend.

Consideration the challenges that are occurring at the place of work, dealing and developing methods to overcome stress in order to achieve the individual career goals and the Emirates Airline objectives. Stress at the place of work may be caused factors outside place of work and factors within place of work. The factors add up pressure to individuals and if there is no action taken, then the resulting stress causes detrimental effects. It is of paramount importance to note that some level of stress is normal but if it exceeds a certain threshold, it affects the mental health, physical health and reduces the level of worker productivity. It therefore means that stress management at Emirates Airline or just like any other the place of work needs to be managed.

The global financial crisis has been an emotional roller coaster to most workers in the global arena. In most global firms, the global financial crisis has resulted budget cuts among many economies and this has affected many firms and Emirates Airline has no been left behind. This financial crunch has caused a lot of dilemma to most employees since most firms have responded to the financial stress by laying off some employees. The increasing fear, uncertainty has escalated the levels of stress among most employees. It is apparent that work place related stress arises when financial crisis hits the economy or a firm. Based on the available resources, most employees at Emirates Airline were directly affected by the financial crunch since Dubai’s economy mostly relies on oil mining and tourism, two sectors that were affected greatly by the global financial crisis. The resultant effect was employee lay offs ensuing to employee stress. Stress is very contagious and it directly and indirectly affects one relationship between employees. More so, every worker is required to be able to control stress is very important since it determines the success or failure of an employee while executing the employee job responsibilities.  The ability of an employee manage stress reduces the negative impact of employees and reduces the likelihood of other employees stress to affect an individual employee.

Since prevention is better than curing, it is significant to avoid stress and thereby one should employee that following methods to keep the stress level as low as possible. According to Segal (2010), these methods include:

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