Essay: Details of Patient of Bipolar Disorder

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Essay: Details of Patient of Bipolar Disorder

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The cultural background of the person is white, and she has been born and raised in New York. Her grandparents come from England. There exist no history of mental illness in the family however; the mother was able to provide that she was under high levels of stress and depression during her pregnancy due to her husband’s death.

The mental status of the client is highly volatile in nature right now. This is mostly because to the bipolar disorder that is being faced by the client. She has been able to depict extreme hysterias and manic happiness on occasion when she was able to win a computer game, however otherwise she has been under severe depression. Of late her spells of volatile behavior and more prolonged and the mood swings have started to come about more often. The main reasons that are aggravating the bipolar disorder for the patient include her family atmosphere and the fact that she is going through puberty at her age. With almost no friends she is very alone and isolated which is making the disorder take over her mental state. At this stage without any treatment the consequences of the bipolar disorder mean that the patient might even suffer from an early death in form of a suicide. In order to monitor her behavior and treatment she will have to be kept in close contact with the social welfare and the legal systems department for the rest of her life.

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