Essay: Designing and Analyzing Jobs

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Essay: Designing and Analyzing Jobs

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Designing and analyzing jobs: 19 November 2010

Job design leads to job satisfaction as the job is simplified by being organized into tasks, which should be performed for the job to be completed. The article by Schottner (2009) examines the best job design that can be applicable in the case when the tasks to be performed are not demonstrable. In his research, he finds out that the best design will be to allocate the tasks to one or two people. However, he further argues that, assigning additional tasks to a person will lead to a strong relational contract.  The issue bringing controversy is the one in which a person will be allocated two unrelated tasks for instance substitute tasks since the incentives to work will be distorted (Schöttner, 2009). He further argues that the best job design method will require industrial engineering in which the tasks to be performed as well as the time durations for each are estimated. Job monotony can be reduced or even eliminated through job enrichment, job rotation and job enlargement. Before any job is allocated to any employee, the employee’s competency in terms of knowledge, behavior and skills should be considered to ensure that the expected results are achieved. Employee skills and competency can be improved through experience and training (Schöttner, 2009).

By designing the job design well, the management will make it easy for the employees to complete their tasks in time. Each of the jobs to be done will be divided into different tasks and from this grouping; it will be easy to select the related tasks and assign them to one employee. This move will reduce the risk of assigning unrelated tasks to the same employee leading to confusion, job dissatisfaction and failure to complete the jobs. Satisfied employees will show high motivation levels, high quality performance and low absenteeism and turnover.

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