Essay: Design of the Coonley House

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Essay: Design of the Coonley House

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Coonley House was built in the year 1908 and is located in Riverside in Illinois. It is a house build of wood frame with stucco. It is a large and sophisticated prairie type of a house located in temperate region. This house is the first example showing Lloyd’s work of a zoned plan. The living quarters are just like in the Prairie fashion, raised. Since it is a very large building, there is a pavilion linking the various spaces available. The inlaid tiles used form geometrical pattern in the wood trimmed and plaster surfaced house (Clark and Pause 195).

The published plans of the Coonley House were done in 1907 including a coach and cottage house showing a possibility that the initial plan was altered before the project was completed in 1909. Although the initial plan was to have a single and large residential house, the completed house is divided into three distinct apartments. This leaves the nearby sunken gardens and the coach house as separate plots. Considering the weight, height, length and breadth of this building, there is no doubt it belongs to the prairie style of buildings.

The function of this building is to have a lavish life style and this is exactly what is conveyed by the physical appearance of the house. The house is considered a national historic landmark because of its size and type. The house was named after Avery Coonley who had unlimited budget and industrial fortune. Avery’s family made an encouraging compliment on Lloyd’s work and he thus felt motivated to work on the Coonley House. The main occupants of this house were to come from Avery’s social class (Pfeiffer and Nordland 15).

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