Essay: Design of the Boomer Residence

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Essay: Design of the Boomer Residence

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The main plan of Boomer Residence is parallelogram grid with a large triangular arrangement. There is a central stone standing through all the floors and enclosing the chimneys, fireplaces and bathrooms. There is a big angled roof opening to the north with window spaces beneath on the north side. These windows are to make sure that the rooms have adequate light but protected from the direct sunlight in the desert (Storrer 135). There is a deck on three sides surrounding the large bedroom, which is in second floor to make the room cool and comfortable to live in.

The architectural elements and design aspects emphasised are those of making the house comfortable even though it is located in the desert. In order to make the room cool, there are windows, which are underneath to make sure that the rooms are protected from direct sunlight. Further, there are wooden floors and walls since wood prevents heat unlike bricks. The door faces the north, away from direct sun to ensure that direct sunlight is prevented and thus the place remains cool. The physical appearance of the house is very attractive and makes so many people attracted to owning such houses. The main intention here is to prove that each of the climatic conditions has its own kind of building.

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